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Dear readers,

Hello friends, family, world. As many of you may know, I grew up in South Central Los Angeles where I dealt with gangs, drugs, violence, and raising my little brother while we were homeless and starving. Some of you don’t know that after graduating from the United States Air Force Academy (college), with my degree in Geospatial Science, I became a pilot in the United States Air Force—zoom zoom.

I just wanna let you all know that I'm doing something even greater with my life now, and I need your help to push further. I started a nonprofit organization called Geospatial Q & A Inc. And I plan on using the techniques from my education at the Air Force Academy to fulfill my real purpose in life—serving others. I only made it this far because of the community that lifted me up; and now it is my turn to become that same powerful force within our society.

Geospatial Q & A Inc. is tax exempt for scientific, educational, and charitable purposes. These are the three pillars I will use to drive my vision of empowering my fellow Underprivileged Overachievers (my UPOVs). With your suport, I will build the strongest and most impactful charitable organization this world has ever seen. If you wish to champion this mission, please do not hesitate to use the donate button and solidify your commitment to lifting up our underprivileged overachievers.


Even though I have given dozens of speeches across the country pertaining to my story as an Underprivileged Overachiever (UPOV), I’ve yet to give the full story. My book is coming very soon though. Peace.

*UPDATE 31 AUG 2020: ITS PUBLISHED! Click the picture below to See!

UPOV Book Series


A Crenshaw Story

Book # 1 in the Underprivileged Overachiever series


An Academy Story

Book #2 in the UPOV series


The Story of My Biggest Loss

& Greatest Success

Book #3, The finale to my UPOV series

(A Three Part Memoir)


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  • Niceville, FL 32578 United States
  • (323) 286-5501
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